Sat 22nd Nov
U8white Clonee Utd V Maynooth 12.15pm Littlepace Pk
U8yellow Clonee Utd V Swords Cel 11.30am Balheary Resv
U9b1 Clonee Utd V Balscadden 10,00am Ring Common
U9d1 Clonee Utd V Ratoath Harps 10.00am Littlepace Pk
U10b Clonee Utd V Finglas Celtic 10.45am Littlepace Pk
U10d1 Clonee Utd V Swords Celtic 11.30am Littlepace Pk
U11b Clonee Utd V St.Itas 10.45am no2 Ballymastone
U11d Clonee Utd V Swords Manor 12.15pm Brackenstown Pk
AUL 3A Clonee Utd vs Rivervalley, 2.30pm, Rivervalley Pk
Sun 23rd Nov
U12b Clonee Utd V Laytown 10.00am Hunters Run
U13f Clonee Utd V Portmarnock(D) 1.15pm Phibblestown Pk  NDSL cup
U14d Clonee Utd V Balbriggan (B) 10.30am Phibblestown Pk  Umbro cup
U17c Clonee Utd V Navan Rd Utd (B) 11.45am Phibblestown Pk Lee bros cup
U19s No Match
U10a Clonee Utd V Inchicore 10.30am CIE works
U10b Clonee Utd V St.Itas 11.15am Littlepace Park
U11a Clonee Urd V St Itas 10.00am Hosp
U12a Clonee Utd V Mt Merrion 12.00pm Littlepace Park
U12b Clonee Utd V Greystones 1.00pm Littlepace Pk



Clonee United F.C.regret and apologise for any inconvenience or confusion caused to the residents of Latchford regarding the use of the pitches at Latchford Park. These pitches have been allocated by Fingal County Council to the club. All Club members have been advised not to park within the Latchford Estate. Parking faciilties are due to come on stream at Phibblestown CC very soom. The club has always sought to work in co-operation and consultation with local residents in providing much needed sporting facilities for local girls and boys.

2014 Presentations


SENIOR TEAM 2014 / 15


Great News Folks, we have a Senior team on the go for 2014 / 15! All going well this will be a Saturday team in the AUL. Martin Gallagher has been appointed as Team Manager and he will bring a huge wealth of knowledge and experience with him.

Destiny Called


First Cup win for Clonee Under 10  Girls in MGL

Penalty Shoot out win after Extra Time Thriller in AUL, Dublin.

Blue MGL Cup Final Shelbourne 3 – 3 Clonee United  (AET (3 v 3) 2-3 Penalty Shoot out  win

6th June 2013 AUL Shelbourne Centre, Dublin

Scorers: Rachel McCann, Kate Ash (2)

U10s Girls Cup Final Squad

Destiny Calling!

Clonee United Under 10 girls team in their first season of soccer seem to have a gra for the game and a never give in attitude which was rewarded against an organised and well drilled Shelbourne Girls team. For any supporters wondering if the Malahide Semi was a one off ? Forget it Similar circumstances small club, Sunshine and rain, bigger opponents no divine right but perhaps destiny which is certainly well within the grip of this team!

The game started brightly enough with Aisling Newall upfront and challenging the Shelbourne defenders to test their keeper. Rachel Foran a dynamo tackling in midfield. The game ebbed and flowed with Emily Smith the captain at the heart of the defence with the the focused Grainne Cantwell holding their own against a few talented red shirts. Eva Kelly got stuck in and sent some probing balls forward. Then came the breakthrough when Rachel McCann burst into the game and took on several players had a nice one two with Jaime Thompson and then rifled the Clonee United blues into a lead.

Emma Byrne made some fine saves and Aoibhe Kearney was solid in Midfield and well able to hold her own. Then Shelbourne equalised 1-1. Grace McGrath the pocket dynamo came on up front to spice things up and chase things down until half time 1-1.

The second half started the same way but Rachel McCann raced down the wing and drilled a lovely ball to the far post to Kate Ash back on and up front, she did her little two feet shuffle and bang 2-1 Clonee United. Her trade mark cartwheel after scoring cheered up the large crowd of supporters who turned out in their hundreds again to witness what was turning into another cracking game by all the girls! Shelbourne then fought back again and equalised 2-2. At this point you would have thought the Clonee Blues would have wilted as the strong Shelbourne team pressed and pressed. But with Rachel McCann and Rachel Foran in midfield with Aoibhe Kearney rotating the held their nerve and then a Jaime Thompson went on another of her dribbling runs and lashed the ball to the goal where Kate Ash took a touch to control it and dispatched it into the net with aplomb surely a winner at 3-2? Alas this game was not for the faint hearted as Shelbourne pressed again and equaliser for a third time and in trying to save the goal Emma Byrne picked up a kick to the hand. The whistle blew and extra time was again the order of the day destiny can take many twists it would appear. The ten minutes of extra time went by as both teams tired Grace McGrath went close and challenged bravely till the end as did all the girls! A fantastic final 3-3

It was time for penalties again! Emma Byrne sensationally saved the first two Shelbourne penalties and it was tied at 2-2 Shelbourne having taken the first penalty had had 4 saved by Emma Byrne Sudden death can mean sudden glory also. Cometh the hour cometh the girl. If Clonee Scored they would win the cup – Kate Ash stepped up to take a penalty and slotted it into the net. Clonee United Girls team had won the MGL Under 10 Cup in their first ever season Destinty had called and the team had taken hold of it and finished off a fantastic season in another thrilling and entertaining game.

It must be said that Shelbourne were very gracious in defeat and indeed were a fine example of soccer and how it should be played – Even lending a trophy for the winning team! Following the no show from the MGL who will be forwarding on the cup and the medals at a later date. Grass roots are where it matters and Clonee and Shelbourne certainly have the right roots planted. Soccer in North Dublin looks to have a great entertaining future well done girls.


Clonee United Squad

Emma Byrne, Aisling Newell ; Grainne Cantwell, Emily Smith, Eva Kelly, Rachel Foran,  Jaime Thompson, Rachel McCann, Grace McGrath, Kate Ash, Aoibhe Kearney,.

Girls Semi Final


2nd Nov 2014

U12B Clonee Utd 0 – 5 St Itas, 10.00am Hunters Run
U13F CloneeUtd 6 – 0 Kilbarrack Utd 11.15am Rose Glen
U14D Clonee Utd W/O Balscadden 12.30pm Ring Common
U17C Clonee Utd 5 – 1 Clontarf 11.00am Phibblestown Pk
U10A Clonee Utd 1 – 5 Greystones 11.15am Littlepace Pk
U10groupd Clonee Utd 6 – 1 Lusk 10.45am Orylnn pk
U11A Clonee Utd OFF Lusk Utd 12.00pm Littlepace Pk
U12A Clonee Utd OFF Greystones 1.00pm Littlepace Pk
U12B Clonee Utd OFF Enniskerry tba Bogmeadow

Sat 1st Nov 2014

Sat 1st Nov 2014
U8white Clonee Utd 5 – 0  Laytown Utd 12.15pm Littlepace Pk
U8yellow Clonee Utd 8 – 6  Malahide Utd 11.15am Robswall Gannon Pk
U9B1 Clonee Utd 1 – 1 Balbriggan 10.00am St.Molagas Pk
U9C1 Clonee Utd 1 – 2 Malahide Utd 10.00am Littlepace Pk
U10B Clonee Utd 2 – 1 Glebe Nth 10.45am Littlepace Pk
U10D Clonee Utd 1 – 5 Maynooth Town 11.30am Littlepace Pk
U11B Clonee Utd 2 – 0 Lusk Utd 11.30am Dun Emer ave
U11D Clonee Utd  2 – 4 Corduff 11.15am Hunters Run
U11G Clonee Utd 4 – 3 Artane/Beaumount 10.00am Hunters Run
AUL 3A Clonee Utd OFF St Itas, 2.30pm Phibblestown Pk

19th Oct 2014

U12B  Clonee Utd 0-0 Baldoyle 10.00am Seagrange pk
U13F Clonee Utd 5-2 Castleknock 10.30am Latchford Pk
U14D Clonee Utd 2-5 Willows 2.00pm Poppintree pk
U17C Clonee Utd 3-5 Dunboyne 11.00am Summerhill Rd
U19s Clonee Utd OFF Kill Celtic AWAY
U10A Clonee Utd 2 – 5  Baldoyle 11.15am Seagrange pk
U10C Clonee Utd 2-3 Leixlip 12,00pm Littlepace Pk
U11gb Clonee Utd– St.Itas 10.00am Ballinastone
U12A Clonee Utd 0-1 Lucan 12.45pm Ayrlee hgts
U12B Clonee Utd 0-3 Ratoath 12.45pm, Littlepace Pk

18th Oct 2014

Sat 18th Oct
U8G2 Clonee Utd 5 – 3 Ashbourne Utd 10.00am Milltown
U8G5 Clonee Utd 1 – 4 Ratoath Harps 10.30am Skryne rd
U9B1 Clonee Utd 5 – 0 Ashbourne Utd 10.00am Littlepace Park
U9C Clonee Utd 2 – 3 Dunboyne 10.45am Summerhill rd
U10A1 Clonee Utd 2 – 1 Ashbourne Utd 10.00am Milltown
U10B1 Clonee Utd 2 – 7 Bohs 11.30am Albert College
U11A Clonee Utd 2 – 0 HHFC 10.45am Hunters Run
U11D Clonee Utd 6 – 3 Dunboyne 10.00am Summerhill rd
U11G Clonee Utd 2 – 2 Mid Sutton 10.45am Bayside school
AUL 3A Clonee Utd OFF Rowlagh Celtic 2.30pm Latchford Pk

12th Oct 2014

U12B Clonee Utd 5 – 8 Darndale 10.00am Darndale pk.
U13F Clonee Utd 5 – 0 Clontarf 10.00am St.Pauls.
U14D Clonee Utd 0 – 5 Ashbourne 10.30am Latchford.
U17C Clonee Utd 1 – 6 Malahide Utd 11.45am Latchford.

U19 Clonee Utd vs IDLE

U10ga Clonee Utd 5 – 3 Lusk 10.00am Littlepace Pk
U10gc Clonee Utd 3 – 1 Lusk Utd 10.45am, Littlepace Pk
U11gb Clonee Utd 1 – 5 Home Farm 11.30am Littlepace Pk
U12A Clonee Utd  2 – 2 Marino Ath, 12.30pm Littlepace Pk
U12B Clonee Utd 5 – 0 Greystones Tba Woodlands

Sat 11th Oct

U8g2  Clonee Utd 5 – 1 Lusk 10.00am Hunters Run
U8g4 Clonee Utd 5- 1 Swords manor 10.45am Hunters Run
U9g5 Clonee Utd 6 – 3 Ashbourne 10.00am, Littlepace Pk
U9g6 Clonee Utd V Loughshinny 10.00amam Loughshinny pk.
U10g5 Clonee Utd 5 – 0 Baldoyle 10.45am, Littlepace Pk
U10g7 Clonee Utd 2 – 4 Grange Woodbine 10.00am Woodbine rd.
U11B idle
U11D Clonee Utd 3 – 1 Skerries 11.30am Littlepace Pk.
U11G Clonee Utd 0 – 5 Navan rd 12.45pm Littlepace Pk.

5th Oct 2014

U12b/c g1 Clonee Utd 5 – 3 St.Columbans 11.45am Glin Rd.
U13f Clonee Utd 4 – 2 East Meath 10.30am Latchford Pk.
U14e Clonee Utd 3 – 0 Malahide Utd 11.45am Malahide Castle.
U17b Clonee Utd 4 – 8 Swords Celtic 11.45am, Latchford Pk

U19s Clonee United 0 – 5 ODevaney/Donard 1.15pm Latchford Pk
U10ga Clonee Utd 7 – 2 Baldoyle Utd 10.00am Littlepace Pk
U10gc  Clonee Utd 6 – 4 Kelligland 10am Ashbourne Community Centre.
U11gb Clonee Utd 2 – 1 St.Itas 10.45am Littlepace Pk.
U12a Clonee Utd 6 – 0 Enniskerry 11.00am Bogmeadow                           U12b IDLE